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Advantages of a TSS Visa.

Temporary skills shortage visa is a type of visa that allows a country, for example, Australia that has adopted it to reduce shortages in labor by genuinely acquiring skilled labor in cases where they cannot get skilled laborers from within Australia. It is a recent program in Australia that is meant to take the place of the 457 visas. It aims at utilizing the skills of foreign worker and at the same time putting Australian workers at the forefront when it comes to hiring. Having a TSS visa in Australia is of much importance. These benefits are discussed at length below.

The first benefit of a TSS visa is that an employee can have the chance to extend his stay in Australia several times while on the medium term visa. The employee may renew his or her visit once while on the short-term visa. This can help an individual to some extent to repatriate back the work experience that they had acquired in Australia back to their mother countries.

The tightening of the requirements to get the TSS visa has led to the availability of genuine workers. In the implementation of a visa, workers are supposed to show that they have been working in similar positions or performing similar jobs over a given period and have acquired the necessary skills. There had been the tendency of the formulation of companies that had no any other work but to ferry employees to Australia. Many of such companies were involved in activities that are unfair and disadvantages the workers. You must get linked to an Australian sponsor who registers the specifications of your job. You must be having a job experience of at least two years on the post where you are applying for a visa. The applicant must show a good mastery of the English language and be able to apply it.

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Another benefit of the TSS visa is that the requirements for its application are now more precise. Applicants are now sure of what they need to have and what they need not have to acquire a TSS visa. They will be forced to meet all the requirements before applying for such a visa. They have to corporate with the Australian authorities to meet the requirements like passing a police check.

Last but not least among the advantages of a TSS visa is the prevention of discrimination against workers. This can be made fruitful by the government having tests done in the labor market and setting a rate of pay for all the workers. When the government performs all these three roles, it makes the working environment fair for all the workers from outside Australia.

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