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The Health Perks of Reflexology

Ever had of reflexology? Have you been to a spa and seen a reflexology offer? Once you read this article, you will wonder no more as everything will make plenty of sense inclusive of the advantages. Application of pressure to certain parts of the feet, hands and ears is meant to relieve stress and bring treatment, all of which encompass reflexology. It finds its origins in Chinese and Egyptian cultural practices and is known to be very beneficial. Our feet need massaging especially due to the kind of intense strain we put on them on a daily basis. So let’s jump right into some of the perks of reflexology.

First on the list are the nerves and their functionality. The nerves that are at the extremes of the body, tend to become insensitive with time, especially as we get older. Reflexology has been known to increase the reactivity and functionality of these nerve endings in just a single session. There exists plenty of correlations between nerves and muscles. To keep them in shape, you must work them out every once in a while. This will allow your neural pathways to be consistently open.

Reflexology can help improve your body energy levels. There are days that even with constant movement, we tend to feel a bit sluggish. This is a clear indicator that the process involved in making energy for the body is not as efficient. By aligning the functionality of related organs and muscle systems, reflexology deals with this issue. This way, your metabolism will receive a massive increase. Moreover, reflexology is known to increase circulation through the body. The outcome of better circulation is improved organ performance since oxygen gets to the organ in time and in the amounts required. This has an even more significant impact since the body will heal faster and damaged cells replaced just as quick.

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You can expect higher levels of relaxation from reflexology. Now we previously made it clear that reflexology opens up neural pathways. The clear neural highways prevent clogging of neural activity hence relaxation is induced. Due to the calming effect reflexology has, it does well when dealing with sleeping disorders. Reflexology is also adept in handling toxin elimination. The performance of the bladder in eliminating toxins can be highly enhanced by going the reflexology route. This will help reduce illnesses that occur due to these toxins building up in the body.

Finally, a boost in nervous stimulation can help improve our cognitive abilities. Clear neural routes allow the brain to handle larger amounts of data better. The upside of this is improved memory.

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