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the Bridges That Have Survived All Odds
As regards to the creation of buildings in the world, the architecture provides a wide look. The Buckingham Palace and the Taj Mahl are easy for us to enjoy as sights due to the privileges of architecture. However, buildings will not suffice to show structural beauty alone. Read on to know about the best world bridges and have an idea of how they were built.
The first bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge. California is the town this bridge is located. Peradventure there are people in the United States oblivious of the Golden Gate Bridge that is found in San Francisco, California, they must be very few. It is true that looking at the bridge today will obviously appear plain. However, in actuality, it is a true reflection of real industrial era creations and the way they looked like. The bridge is indeed an attraction for all to see. This bridge is, however, the connection between the other parts of the Bay Area and the city. People living in the city will be able to escape to the country anytime they desire it.
The Pearl Bridge In Japan is the other beautiful bridge. Kobe-Naruto is the city where you find this bridge. The Pearl Bridge is a little shiny as well as flashy. There is no other suspension bridge in the world that is close to the Pearl Bridge in size. In Japan, many tourists want to see the Pearl Bridge. The bridge can be see even at night since it is lit up. If you doubt the strength of the bridge, history will show you that the earthquake that was in the year 1995 in Japan left that bridge unscratched but click for more. Such sturdiness can only be found in bridges of pipe.
The other bridge is the Confederation Bridge, in Canada. The Confederation Bridge, in Canada is the other one that is eye-catching as well. Prince Edward Island is the particular place where this bridge is found. In regards to beauty, this bridge has just about minimal. In regard to sturdiness and design, there is no bridge to compare with this the world over. This is a long bridge, doing well over eight miles. The connection to New Brunswick is through this bridge. Many restaurants are within the vicinity of the bridge.
There is the Captain William Moore Bridge also. A mere mention of Alaska elicits memories of beauty. This is a one side anchored bridge but read more. In regard to this bridge, this is actually a unique spectacle. The bridge has done over 40 years standing.
The Rakotz Bridge that is in Germany is also another bridge to think about. Crossing this bridge is more like an optical illusion.

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