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5 Bridge Failures from the Recent Past

We often get news of infrastructural failures after the structural supports failed. The failing in structural integrity ranges from huge structures to small or about simple structures. The occurrence can be ruinous basing on the rage of the causing agent or the size of the structure. Bridges are examples of those structures. A bridge may flunk is impacted on by a quake of greater degree than the one that was built for. For Iceland, loads to be supported by a bridge need to be inclusive of ice loads lest a failure maybe witnessed when ice deposit surpass the strength of a bridge. Hurricanes or any other unexpected wind load not factored on the design can cause a bridge to fail. There are extremities that should not be surpassed when loads to be supported is being considered. Bridge expansion and/or unexpected loads during repairs may result in unbalanced load which can be detrimental. This calls for an individual with an adept knowledge to design and supervise any bridge construction. The magnitude of the load a bridge can carry is less considered by most bridge users. Many people will extrapolate wrongly on the load a bridge is supposed to carry, such ignorance is dangerous. With infrequency of well-designed bridges flunking, there are still some few incidences that have been recorded. The following are examples of bridges that were ravaged by different elements.

The Central Bridge of Italy reported to fall apart in 2017. There was a transitory traffic after a flyover was closed off which led to setting up of the bridge to maintain the traffic link. Two people lost their lives besides the damaged road which was stricken by the collapsing bridge. It was reported that the bridge was under construction when its structural supports failed. More on the bridges that failed while being constructed include the following. The Russian Bridge across Savala River in 2018 which killed a civilian. The load of some two trucks trying to cross over could not be sustained and the bridge was destroyed.

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In 2018, The North Bengal Bridge of Siliguri was brought down. Overloading due to users negligence was reported as the cause of failure. The truck driver which was got up with the incident failed to pay attention to load requirements according to the design. The bridge failed when a truck driver attempted to pass through. The driver was hurt, and that was few days after another collapse.

In 2018, there was also another bridge collapse in Genoa. Those who witnessed the collapse reported that there was a loud cloudburst which they think was a lightning which struck the bridge. 37 deaths were reported after the bridge crashed on the streets.