You Can Make some Extra Money by Scrapping Metal

There are plenty of recycling companies and junk yards that make a profit by selling scrap metal to various businesses and industries. Many recyclers and junk yard operators constantly gather metal from outside sources. You can help supply metal collecting companies by bringing them scrap metal. They will pay you a fee for the amount of metal you bring.

Places to Find Metal for Scrapping

When you are ready to start scrapping some metal you must know where to get this resource. Metal is lying all around us. However, most people simply do not realize that it is available. You will have to train your eye to discover where and when to find metal. Alley ways are great places to find scrap metal parts. Another area that you can look is in an impoverished community. A load of scrap metal is usually sitting out for people to take. Most people view this type of scrap metal as junk.

There are some locally owned businesses that might not have a recycling program, or they might not want the hassle of dealing with left over scrap metal. You can contact them to see if they will pay you to haul it away. Scrap metal is usually available from housing repair or remodeling projects. You can haul it away for contractors who do not want to deal with the cleanup. The internet also states that you can contact local people to see if they have any metal items that they want hauled away. Depending on the area, scrap metal pick up minneapolis mn has some scrappers who will perform this service.

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Equipment you will Need to Scrap Efficiently 

Once you decide to start scrapping metal for money, it is best to have a pickup truck, minivan or SUV to do the job. These types of vehicles are designed to haul big loads. You will need a good hauling vehicle to gather larger items that pay more money for this type of work. Newer cars can be used for this type of work, but it is best to use an older vehicle that can take a beating. Some websites encourage collectors to use a magnet when scrapping. The magnet will help you to quickly figure out the good metal from the cheap metal.

You should also have enough storage space to place extra metal you cannot sell right away. The space will be necessary. Finally, scrappers will need a good pair of thick but flexible gloves. The gloves will protect your hands when handling rough metal items.

Average Prices for Scrap Resources

The prices for scrap metal will vary by state, community and scrapping yard location. Some scrap yards will pay more money than others for the same item. You won’t make over $40 bucks for large items such as cast-iron bathtubs or refrigerators. The key to making money is to consistently find at least 5 or more large appliances a day. You can also make more money by focusing in on non-ferrous metal. A magnet does not stick to a non-ferrous metal object.

This means that items containing lead, aluminum, titanium, nickel, zinc, tin and alloys are going to be worth more money. Iron and stainless steel are cheaper metals. They pay less but you will probably be collecting more of these substances. Ultimately, the more metal you collect the more money you will make.

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